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About Meeeeee

Hello!! My name is Alice, girlboss and She E. O. of Sssilk666.


At Sssilk666, all fabrics are sourced from deadstock or are reclaimed materials found in second hand shops, which is a measure to limit my work contributing the parasitical disease of industrial production and its carbon impact. I also only use fibres sourced from natural proteins such as leather, silk and cotton, as not only are these materials renewable, they also don't release microplastics into the environment when they are worn or cleaned. 

All pieces are currently made by my own spindly hands, and I try to ensure that the vast majority of pieces are one offs in order to add excitement to my workload, as well as to provide the customer with a unique garment.

Since getting my first stockist in 2021, I have been blown away by the fact that people have been willing to pay me a decent price for my labour. Having grown up in the fast fashion era, I was so shocked realising the disparity between how much clothes cost and how long they take to make when I started sewing in 2019. The fact that people pay me adequately for my work puts me in a tiny minority of garment workers globally, the vast majority of whom experience harsh work environments and are continually underpaid. For this reason, 5% of the item price on this online shop goes to Labour Behind the Label charity, which supports garment workers globally by campaigning for their rights and pay.  





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